My Mea Culpa and the Direction of 5 MTP

Today starts a new day at I am taking over as the managing editor of the site and will be taking control of the social media aspect as well.

I won’t get into the mechanics of how this came to be, but I want to thank YOU for reading this. Without readers and people willing to engage socially with the website, there is no reason to have a website–so for reading this, I again thank you.

I have never been the managing editor of a site, although I have run a few websites in the past. This will be my first time managing some very talented writers who will (hopefully for me!) fill these pages with great horse racing content that will be engaging, informative, and relevant.

Having been a writer for a myriad of horse racing websites, I have had the opportunity to work under great editors including, but definitely not limited to Molly Jo Rosen, Derek Simon, and Claudia Ruiz. I hope I can do half as good of a job that they have done over the years, and I learned a lot from each of them.

It took me exactly eleven minutes to make my first mistake as the managing editor of this site. That mistake was to tweet that 5minutestopost would only focus on the GOOD in horse racing. My rationale was that I wanted to start my time at the helm here only highlighting the good in the industry–the horses, the jockeys, trainers, owners, breeders, racetrackers, venues and those in the horse racing media that do great, respectable work.

I was told this morning that it wasn’t such a good idea. Why only shed light on the “good” and ignore the “not-so-good” aspects of horse racing? Simply pretending those people and things don’t exist is part of a larger problem in the industry itself. So although 5minutestopost WILL highlight the good in this sport (and let’s face it, there is WAY more good than bad), we here at 5MTP will NOT ignore the bad, and will tackle issues as we see fit.

I had also contemplated going through the site and removing some content that didn’t fit with the “new direction” I wanted to take the site.

But, again, the conversation I had this morning made me realize that I shouldn’t and won’t delete any stories–I can only move forward, and can only worry about the present and the future. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that I will make more mistakes in the future, but we have a great team in place, so I’m not worried about it–they will make sure we do what is right.

In that regard, I also want to take the time here to admit that yes, I was the “author” of the Navarro is Garbage story on this site. I was tasked with writing it before my first by-lined article here, and I had an uneasy feeling having it published, but wanted to “prove” that I could write something along those veins. I never wrote a story like that again, and I’m never going to be “anonymous” again. My apologies to Mr. Navarro.

With that behind us, I’m happy to have the opportunity to work with Jason (@JasonNYM), John DaSilva, Kaitlin Free, Aaron Hayes, Trent Ledbetter, Emmy, Tara Cochran, Joe Santos, Jessica Tugwell, Brian Leckie, Paul Hundley, Stephanie Slinger, and a couple others who I’m inviting to join the team.

I look forward to reading, editing, and publishing the stories 5minutestopost will be putting out in the near future. Please check back often, and watch us grow. I’m excited about it, and you, the reader should be too!

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