San Felipe: The DQ Debacle

Before I delve into the DQ I did have a good bet on Bolt D’Oro & made some money on the race.

This past Saturday’s San Felipe was a much anticipated race, it didn’t disappoint until the horses crossed the finish line. We had McKinzie trained by Bob Baffert most everyone’s darling trainer versus Bolt D’Oro a very talented 2 year old with two GR 1 victories on his resume but trained by Mick Ruis. Both horses making their 3YO debut’s, McKinzie was sent off as the slight favorite $1.00/$1.00 over Bolt $1.20/$1.00.

The fractions were honest :23.2  :46.4  1:11.1 & were set by Lombo once he called it a day McKinzie & Bolt then engaged each other down the entire length of the stretch neither of them giving in. McKinzie crossed the finish line slightly ahead of Bolt. The inquiry sign lit up & 10 minutes later Bolt was placed first.

The stewards were looking at two incidents, a bump at the top of the stretch & then again in deep stretch. They decided McKinzie came out and impeded Bolt D’Oro. “McKinzie came out under a left-handed whip and shifted … Bolt D’Oro out, off his path and cost him a better placing,” said Darrel McHargue, chief steward for the CHRB. The vote of the three stewards was unanimous.

Baffert as per usual when things don’t go his way was quoted as saying “Well, what the hell?” “What are you going to do? Apparently,Javier should have been a lawyer. He had a better story, I guess. I am shocked after the way he hit us at the top of the stretch. I don’t know what they were looking at but apparently, he talked them into it. That’s why they should never talk to the jockeys. They should just watch it themselves.”

Ruis was quoted saying “After the race I felt, even if we hadn’t had the inquiry, what he did from where he was nine weeks ago is phenomenal. He was about 80 percent ready for this race.”

Ruis plans to run Bolt D’Oro in the the Santa Anita Derby on April 7, that will be his final tune up for the Derby. Baffert said the decision left a “sour taste” in his mouth & may enter McKinzie out of state for his next race.

The stewards decision in my opinion was wrong McKinzie ran a winning race the two bumps didn’t effect the outcome. I am looking forward to the next meeting of these top 3 year olds. May the better horse win that race instead of landing in the stewards lap again.

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