Stronach Group: Why don’t you care for your bettors?

The Stronach Group who operates Gulfstream Park continues to pull in huge numbers through the mutuel windows yet they continue to thumb their nose to those who are placing the bets.

They never adhere to the post times, the times for turf races are rarely accurate & the turf course itself is in shambles.

Day in day out the scheduled post time is ignored, everyone talks about it yet Tim Ritvo & other’s who could fix the problem just bury their heads in the sand.

As a handicapper you need accurate times when you’re looking over a race to evaluate the competition   yet Gulfstream alledges these races are being “hand timed”  The latest inaccuracy was the Canadian Stakes which was run just this past Saturday the time was 1.13 seconds too slow.

Those who’ve been watching the turf races over the past two weeks have come to the conclusion that the course has become a dust bowl. Once again those in charge just could care less about the conditions of the course.

This so called Championship Meet has become a laughingstock, it takes 7 hours to run 14 races. Day in day out the Stronach Group keeps feeding us the bettors a plate of horse manure & saying it’s filet mignon. Sad to say quite a few of us are saying thank you give us more.

Will changes occur? Highly doubtful & once again it’s us the people that play the races day in day getting plates full of horse manure while the Stronach Group laughs all the way to the bank.

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