Saturday 2/17: Fair Grounds – Risen Star

The Fair Grounds has put together a very nice card for their Risen Star Stakes. Weather won’t be an issue at all, sunny & 79 with no rain in the forecast.

Pick 4 Race 2:   1,3,4,5,6 // 1,3,5// 5,11// 1,3,4                     In race 2 our suggested W/P bet is 3-Last Play  Joe Bravo (@bravoace) has been on fire lately at FG’s especially when riding for Stidham Racing

Race 5:  3-Scuba  ran a big race first time over the track earning a 98 bris speed figure. Cedartown (1) will be the favorite.  Scuba has very good LP numbers  104 & 107 in his last two races. Will be a nice price make a W/P bet

Pick 3 Race 6:  3,5,6// 2,3,4// 3,6,8                                             In race 6 our suggested W/P play is 3-Giada Vegas 4-2-1-0 over the FG’s. She’s won 4 of her last 5 races. Corey is 18-5-2-4 over the last 7 days

Pick 3 Race 8:  3,6,8// 4,6,9// 4,8,10,13

Risen Star Race 9:  6-Supreme Aura is a perfect 2/2 & has a win over the track. Today we find out two things. One can be get the distance & two just how good is he. His bris speed figures have been 89 & 96. Stidham & Bravo been a very potent combo this entire meet.                                                               Principe Guilherme will be our other horse we are using on top. He’s won 2/3 races and has been a model of consistency each race he’s produced a 92 bris speed figure.

Suggest plays:  W/P  6-Supreme Aura                                   Exacta: 6,9/4,5,6,9    Triples:  6,9/4,5,6,9/2,4,5,6,9     Superfectas:  6,9/4,5,6,9/2,4,5,6,9/2,4,5,6,9




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