A few minutes with Ron Moquett

We thank Ron Moquett for his time & Joe Santos for doing the interview. Enjoy a few minutes with Ron


In the summer of 2011 I was introduced to a polite man who clearly loved his job. That man was Ron Moquett. Ron had a stable of 10 horses, mostly bottom to mid level claimers. Today he has 50 horses in training, including 5 stakes winners. Ron has competed in 2 of the last 3 Kentucky Derby’s and has become a fixture at many elite track across North America. We at 5 Minutes to Post are grateful for Ron taking the time out to speak with us.

JS: “You’ve started off the 2018 meet hot. What are goals for this meet at Oaklawn Park?”
RM: “The goal for us is to always do better than the year before.”

JS: “What horses and people have been most influential to your career?”
RM: “Asher influenced my career, because she taught me how important individual care is. She showed me that all horses aren’t the same. All horses don’t digest the same, don’t train the same and they are not to be treated the same. When it comes to people who have influenced me, there are too many to name. Many people who have influenced me don’t know that they did; be it because I would watch them and mimic the things that I thought they did the right way. Certain little things, like how they bedded their stalls, to how they promote horse racing. There are too many dementions, but there are a lot of people who have influenced me.”

JS: “What are some of your personal favorite moments in racing?”
RM: “Bringing Gentlemen’s Bet back to win the Hot Springs was a favorite moment because we had to come so far to get him back to performing the way he did that day. It was something that was only possible because everybody involved was focused on giving him the best shot to make it back from an injury and make it back to performing at that level again. That was a very big moment for us. Asher winning the Gardenia was a huge moment. For a guy from the border of Arkansas-Oklahoma to win a graded stakes race in Kentucky and not having worked for any big outfits to adopt horses off of was a huge deal because up until that point, every time I had crack the door open, someone had slammed it shut

JS: “Who are some of your favorite horse you’ve had?”
RM: There are several for different reasons. Biker Boy is one that is a very cool horse. He is very talented and very fun to be around. He has a certain presence about him. Homeboykris, because he was a completely different horse than all the others. He wasn’t very playful, but he was a very easy going horse and he loved running.

JS: “We have seen both Whitmore and Petrov on the work tab. Where should we look out next to see the barn stars.”
RM: “Whitmore is pointed to the Hot Springs Stakes (defending champ) and Petrov, we are going to let him tell us what is next for him. I think he is best suited at 7/8th of a mile, but here I think he is going to run a route of ground. We just have to let him tell us whether he wants to return at 3/4 of a mile, or a mile or the 1 1/16 of a mile that we run here.”

JS: “What’s your favorite part of your job?”
RM: “The horses. I like being with the horses. I like being in the stalls. At the level I’m at now, I don’t have the time to give baths as much as I once did and clean stalls as much as I use to, but I like the one on one with the horses. That’s my favorite part.”


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