Your actions don’t coincide with your words

Over the past several weeks quite a few flaws have come to light within the racing industry & true to form the vast majority of Turf Media & bloggers have just avoided the issues as if they don’t exist. They say the horses mean so much to them but now it’s come to light that several horses who’ve recently raced at Delta Downs have ended up on their way to slaughter these same people remain silent.

I’m guessing you’re remaining silent because you enjoy your all expenses paid trips to Hong Kong, the front row seats & swag on racing’s biggest days. Do you think you’re fooling anyone that your actions don’t coincide with your words? There are two sides to every coin just like two sides to horse racing. We have our good side & our bad side. To avoid writing about the bad side is shameful.

The courage displayed during the SLR fires was the best racing has seen in a while. These heroes put their lives in jeopardy to save the horses did they do this to gain a front row seat to the Breeders Cup? No they did it because they care about the horses they’ve been put in charge of. They do these jobs for pay that most of you owners, writers & bloggers would scoff at.

Delta Downs must bar all trainers & owners that send horses to slaughter, our horses have no voice. We must be heard on there behalf. Those that remain silent on this issue are a part of the problem as well. will continue to speak on the good & the bad within our industry, there is much more good than bad. But our actions will coincide with our words unlike quite a few others

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