Oaklawn Park~Saturday 1/13

Will be giving you three horses we really like today along with a two picks threes & the late pick four. Let’s get started

Race 3:  2-Sutton Impact ~ he brings big speed to the race, takes a drop in company ~ has two recent works over the surface    ~~~ pick 3:  3rd:  2   4th: 2,6,7,10  5th:  1

Race 5:  1-Ezmosh ~ coming into this one fresh off a 76 day layoff ~ taking a needed drop in company today ~ will be winging it from the rail  ~~~ pick 3:  5th: 1  6th: 2,3,6 7th:  1,4

Race 6:  late pick 4:   6th:  2,3,6   7th:  1,4   8th:  2   9th:  6,7

Race 8:  2-Farrell ~ she threw in a clunker in the KY Oaks ~ in September failed as the favorite in the Dogwood but then rebounded in the GR2 Chilukki ~~ she’s 3/3 at 1 mile & 1/16


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