Oaklawn Park: Opening Day

My favorite meet of the year starts today…..

Race 1:  3-Senor Grits   when last spotted at OP he was winning at 6f in 1:10.3 he posted a 93 bris speed figure that race ~~ he is 4-2-1-0 at OP & is 16-5-3-3 at today’s distance 2-Conquest Hiosilver  his last 3 races have all been good 2 wins & a very close 2nd place finish 87 90 89 were his bris speed figures for those races ~~ he’s 4-2-1-0 at 6f but 4-0-0-0 at OP 4-Bud Ro  coming into this race off a 49 day rest ~~ he’s won 3 of his last 4 races ~~ his speed numbers aren’t as good as the above contenders but he does has 2 wins at OP & he’s won 5 out of 20 starts at 6f

Suggested wagering:  W/P bet on 3-Senor Grits  exacta box  2-3-4

Race 2:  5-Mighty Oaks Magic  showed some speed 27 days ago in MSW company at the FG’s ~~ Cox is 27% with his second time starters & is 22% with dropping from MSW to MDNclm 12-Zombo  first time in for the tag today ~~ has run three times & finished 3rd in every race ~~ did have one work over the track on 1/7  doesn’t have to be much in this field 3-Articulator  have to mention him but wouldn’t bet him ~~ has Gary Stevens riding & first time in claiming company ~~ his first try was decent posting a 79 bris speed figure but he regressed badly in his second start

Suggested wagering:   W/P  5-Mighty Oaks Magic   exacta box:  5-12

Race 3:  8-Dustem Carolina  the always formidable team of Ingrid Mason & Julio Felix is 3-1-1-0 at OP ~~  was a beaten favorite in last race but has been in fine form lately 7-Big Red Seven  Vance hits at 18% going from all weather to dirt ~~ when last spotted at OP ran a very good 2nd place finish with a 88 bris speed figure

Suggested wagering:  W/P 8-Dustem Carolina   exacta box:  8-7-4

Race 4:  10-Moon Gate Warrior   8-2-2-0 at the distance 3-0-0-1 at OP ~~ two recent good works over the track ~~ CJ McMahon rides 3-Johnny Whip  takes a drop in class ~~ 7-3-0-0 at the distance ~~ this hard knocking 9 year old makes his 2018 debut for Karl Broberg

Suggested wagering:  W/P  10-Moon Gate Warrior        exacta box:  3-5-10


Race 5:  6-Swing and Sway  a horse for the course 3-2-1-0 at OP ~~ 7-3-2-0 at 6f ~~ when last seen at OP she won a OC62.5 in 1:10.4 earning a 89 bris speed figure~~been rested up for the last 53 days ~~ a big work 1/7 5f 1:01.3 which was the fastest of 109 others that day 8-Marquee Miss  she’s got 2 wins out of 7 tries at OP~~ 6-2-2-0 at 6f ~~ she’s back on dirt today Mason has awful numbers with this move 0 wins in 49 attempts ~~but her form at OP is just to good to overlook

Suggested wagering:  W/P    6-Swing and Sway   exacta box:  6-8-9

Race 6:  9-Zip Van Winkle first time running in straight claimers today ~~ 4-1-1-0 at today’s distance 4-0-1-2 at OP 2-Mighty Manfred  four of his 5 career races have been either turf or all weather his lone try on dirt was a good one ~~ he earned a 82 bris speed figure which was his career best~~ interesting price horse

Suggested wagering:  W/P  9-Zip Van Winkle       exacta box:  2-6-9

Race 7:  1-Golden Rose  trained by the Cat Man vast improvement from first race to second race-54 bris speed figure to 77 ~~ Cat strikes at 25% second off the layoff~~ 8-Thread the Needle  going turf to dirt which hasn’t been a successful move for Kobiskie 9%

Suggested wagering:  W/P  1-Golden Rose       exacta box:  1-4-7-8

Race 8:  9-Dazzling Gem  second race off the layoff Cox wins 27% with this move ~~hasn’t won since 11/19/2016 but has been competitive  ~~ 4-2-0-0 at OP  8-2-2-2 at the distance 4-Dan the Go to Man   5-0-5-0 at OP  9-2-6-0 at today’s distance ~~ third off a layoff with a 97 bris speed figure

Suggested wagering:  W/P  9-Dazzling Gem       exacta box:  4-5-9

Race 9:  12-Hamazing Vision  was bet well first time out 6.70/1 and ran a good second ~~ has had 2 easy breezes since that race ~~ Quinonez/Von Hemel win at 36% over the last 60 days 6-Dub   Caldwell wins 15% with his first time starters ~~ Dam has 2 winners from 2 starters ~~ 2/4 last works were bullets

Suggested wagering:   12-Hamazing Vision       exacta box:  6-9-12

Late pick four play:  6th: 2-6-9/1-4-7-8/4-5-9/6-9-12



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