In case you missed this over the weekend, Saturday right after the second race the entire jockey colony came out to support #WeStandWithLiam.

You May ask who is Liam? Well Liam is a great 13 year old young man. Who just happens to be John Velazquez’s nephew. Liam recently concluded a three month stay in a hospital to assist him with anxiety & depression from bullying.

The bullying started after Liam made the soccer team at his school. He no longer was hanging with his friends & his eating noticeably decreased. The kids at school told Liam “he sucked” punched & kicked him. Finally one evening Liam broke down & told his mom the entire story. Days weeks of bullying he had to endure.

We at 5minutestopost.com fully stand with Liam & every other child that has had to deal with bullying. It’s tough enough being a kid let alone when being physically & mentally abused by your so called “friends” at school.

Well done NYRA for bringing this issue to the forefront, well done to the jockeys & everyone who now stands with Liam day in day out.

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