Arrogate: All time great or just a good horse?

This morning Arrogate heads off to stud, ending his career with a three race losing streak. His sudden lack of form has surprised many but let’s take a look at this “great” horse.

He went to post 11 times, he broke his maiden on his second race beating only 4 other competitors.  19 days after his first win he ran in an Allowance race once again beating only 4 competitors.

The buzz about Arrogate had begun in earnest on August 4th 2016 he runs at Del Mar in a field of 3. He’s sent off at .10 on the dollar winning by only 1 3/4 lengths over Kristo & Teninente Coronel certainly not household names.

Arrogate headed to the Travers & is dismissed at the odds of 11.70/1  this was the race that after he won in a visually impressive matter. This was the race that many said was the best ever performance in Travers history.

The stage was now set for the Breeders Cup Classic California Chrome vs Arrogate, Arrogate gets the job done with a late surge of energy.  The Pegasus Cup is up next once again Arrogate defeats Chrome & a few other less than stellar opponents.

Bob Baffert announces Arrogates next race will be the Dubai World Cup he wins this race over Gun Runner. A majority of the racing world have now annointed Arrogate as one of the all time greats.

Arrogate was given a well deserved rest & enters the San Diego Handicap on July 22nd the bettors send him off at .05 on the dollar he’s soundly thrashed & finishes 4th in a field of 5.  Some say he needed the race others just said it was an anomaly.  Baffert announces all’s fine & Arrogate will run in the Pacific Classic. He runs an improved race to finish second yet now has lost 2 races in a row.

It’s announced Arrogate’s last race will the 2017 Breeders Cup Classic & afterwards head off to the breeding shed.  The public sends him off at 2.10/1 the favorite. At no point in the race he ever threatens & finishes in a dead heat for fifth.

So I ask this question is Arrogate an all time great or just a good horse that had a nice 4 race run?

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